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May 2, 2017

Colleagues, we are at a time in our history when we must be bigger than we ever thought we could be. We must be and do more than we ever thought we could be or do. APA, like the country, indeed the world, is going through a fractured time. Now is the time to deliver positive solutions that help and heal. We must own our problems and mistakes; forgive and move on to effective solutions. APA exists to benefit society and improve people's lives. As we attend to the healing within our own house, we must empower our Council of Representatives to lead us in determining what is best for our profession and society. We must call on the Board of Directors to deliver a financially sound organization that facilitates this vital work.

There are substantive problems in our society that require the knowledge and problem-solving approach that psychology offers—problems that lead to health disparities, harm, death from despair, deep poverty, pay inequity, inability to access health care, prejudice, discrimination, border conflicts and wars. This work will require that we reach out boldly to students and early career professionals, for they are the future of the profession. The task ahead requires solutions that enable us to function in a world that is more technological, more isolated, and more in need of scientific knowledge and people caring for people than at any time in history. As president, I would call on all psychologists to define the biggest problems and propose the best solutions. I want to work on healing divides in APA, overcoming the oppressions in our society, and building APA membership through outreach to psychologists who have not yet found a home in APA. Bigger than we thought; doing more than we dreamed. That's the APA I want.



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