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Rosie's Statements on Key Issues Facing APA and the Field

The following statments were published in the July/August issue of The Monitor on Psychology:



Over the years, many psychologists have left APA because of its lack of attentiveness to and support for psychological researchers. What plans do you have to address this situation?



Psychology is a science, which necessitates research. APA does more to advocate for both psychological science and practice than any other psychological organization, yet researchers feel unwelcome. We must change the culture that engenders this divide. I have formed a Science Advisory Board to:

▪ Provide concrete recommendations to engage and re-engage the scientific research community in the vital work of building a strong, empirically based future for psychology and our nation.

▪ Provide concrete recommendations to engage practitioners to publicly articulate and promote the scientific bases of psychological practice.

▪ Engage the APA staff in developing a "culture of science" within the association.



What has been the most significant challenge you experienced as a leader, and how did you respond?



Within APA my most significant challenge as a leader was finding a home in an organization where I wasn’t considered a scientist because I wasn’t an academic researcher, and I wasn’t a practitioner because I didn’t earn my living from clients paying me directly. Despite these barriers, I committed to a career of service to benefit people, psychology and APA. I listened to understand everyone’s issues, and demonstrated interest and concern about their problems so they could see me on their side. I am running a campaign on the power of inclusion. We are stronger when we are one.




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