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Rosie's Final Candidate Statements

September 1, 2017

The following are Rosie's responses to the questions:


Question 5: What is your plan for recruiting and retaining early career professionals (ECPs) in APA?


As someone who has been involved in recruiting and retaining University of Memphis students, I know the research demonstrating that we must target potential students very early. So, our recruitment of ECPs must begin before they leave high school, and continue throughout college and graduate school. It is important to develop and deliver appropriate communications for each level. APA must communicate that ECPs are valued, respected and needed. They must be included in all levels of governance, and their voices and experiences must be appreciated. It is important to collaborate with APAGS and the Committee on Early Career Psychologists.


Question 6: How can APA best advocate for effective health and behavioral health care for our public during this time of political uncertainty?


APA and APAPO are strong advocates for behavioral health care. To improve our advocacy, we must better inform the public about the scientific basis of psychology and what psychological science says about health care (as with APA's Stress in America survey). One of my presidential initiatives is to create a stronger "Culture of Science" in APA that will educate the public about the scientific foundation of health care. We must also strengthen our alliances with groups with similar interests. With an informed public and stronger allegiances based in science, our advocacy with legislators and policymakers will resonate more powerfully.



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