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Melba Vasquez, PhD, ABPP

I am thrilled to endorse Rosie Phillips Bingham for President of APA.  She is an extraordinary, highly dedicated, visionary leader who has made a significant difference in psychology in general. I have known her for decades, and we have frequently worked together on various projects. Her experience and credentials are outstanding, and more than qualify her to serve as President. She is strong and direct,  and known and respected for dealing effectively and gracefully with difficult, conflictual issues. She has a warm, collaborative spirit, is one of the persons we go to when things get tough, and has consistently given freely of her time over the years. We will be lucky to have her as president of our APA!

Michele Harway, PhD, ABPP

I am a couple and family psychologist who studies gender and intimate partner violence. I am endorsing Rosie Bingham for APA President because of the broad scope of her interests. These run the gamut from science, academia, diversity, and an unusual interest in all things psychology. APA needs Rosie Bingham for President because of the diversity of her interests and because of the strong interpersonal skills she brings to APA governance and to the Association’s many constituents. 

Jenny Erickson Cornish, PhD, ABPP

Rosie Phillips Bingham will be an outstanding APA President.  She is the quintessential psychologist in all regards - education, practice, science, public interest.  As an extraordinarily accomplished woman, she is also kind, brave, diplomatic, and the rare leader who is truly inclusive, able to bring people together, and bring the best out of everyone. 

Carolyn M. Tucker, PhD

Dear APA Members:


I have known and worked with Rosie for over 40 years. I am just “tickled black” that she is running to be the next President of APA! She is the right person at the right time for this position! 


Someone recently asked me to explain my excitement about having Rosie become President of APA. I started talking almost before the person finished the request. I said with more passion than I can convey in written form that Rosie is… 

  • a first-rate scientist practitioner, administrator, leader, mother, and friend;  

  • a leader with the needed vision, knowledge, experiences, and skills to enable APA to advance psychological science, social justice, and policies aimed at addressing the disparities that plague our institutions and communities; 

  • a person who knows how to connect with others to make great things happen, including others who are very different from herself; 

  • a culturally competent and sensitive psychologist who seems to find the best in others and who inspires others to achieve goals for the common good; 

  • a manager who always sees the big picture and attends to details and who has the budget management, problem solving, and interpersonal skills needed to manage a large organization such as APA; and 

  • a wonderful human being “with a big heart and a big brain” and who has “an ear for the beat of different hearts.”


I honestly cannot think of anyone who would make a better President of APA than Dr. Rosie Bingham! Oh, I forgot to also say that Rosie is honest and fair as well as really smart, which really makes me wish I could vote for her multiple times. Since I can only vote once, please add your vote to mine.


With excitement about Rosie,

Linda Forrest, PhD

I have known and worked closely with Rosie since the early 90s.  Our paths have crossed a lot over the years.  She is a phenomenal leader focused on the big picture and what is good for the organization going forward.  Her assessment of what is good for the organization is grounded in listening carefully to many different perspectives, making sure individuals and groups at the margins are pulled into the conversation, asking good questions to make sure she understands as comprehensively as possible what the issues are, helping find common ground across differences even when passions run high, being brave/taking action when other leaders might duck or avoid, and she does all of this with great sensitivity and care.  Rosie’s leadership exemplifies inclusiveness, transparency, bravery, and clear-headed thinking, all good attributes for APA at this time in history.  Leadership is second nature to her, it is part and parcel of who she is, not because she has ego needs to be the leader, but because all of us who have watched her lead want more of her leadership.


She has many successful leadership experiences under her belt both within APA and at the University of Memphis where she has been a member of the President’s executive team and a much beloved Vice President of Student Affairs for the last 13 years.   Recently she stepped down as Vice President freeing up time for her to focus her many talents as a leader on APA. APA would be lucky to have her as our next President.

Barbara Henley, PhD

I am absolutely delighted Dr. Rosie Phillips Bingham is running for the position of APA President. She is most deserving of our support and votes. Her dedication to the profession and to APA are unparalleled, and her dynamic, inclusive leadership will transform APA positively, securing an enduring role for our profession locally and globally. In the words of Bruno Mars, "If you don't believe me just watch."

Rickey Lee Bates, M.S., Mae-Lynn Germany, M.S., Greg Horn, M.S., William A. Ramsey, M.S., C.R.C., Shondolyn Danielle Sanders, M.S., Michael S. Schaeffer, M.S., Ramah E. Steinruck, M.Ed.

We, Dr. Bingham’s Counseling Psychology Advanced Practicum class at The University of Memphis, would like to provide the following testimonial in support of Dr. Bingham’s campaign for APA President:

It is difficult to fully encapsulate our enthusiasm for the venerable Dr. Bingham, in just a few sentences. It is undeniable that she has a long list of career accomplishments, but we would like to speak to her compassion and endearing spirit as markers of why we believe she is the right person to be APA president. Dr. Bingham has made a truly lasting imprint on our lives. She engages trainees with a sense of curiosity and openness that allows one to connect at both an intellectual and emotional level--our lives are richer for having such a consummate psychologist as our professor.


Dr. Bingham expertly and seemingly effortlessly bridges the science and the art of our field. Through inquiry and demonstration, she leads through curiosity and empowers her students to become leaders that competently engage in rich supervision.  This level of supervision translates seamlessly to the psychotherapy we provide to our clients, who are most deserving of the very best we can offer.


Dr. Bingham’s campaign slogan, “Dream Big. Do More!” is much more than just some catchy words. They are a living and breathing imperative that not only Dr. Bingham lives by, but also encourages everyone she interacts with to embody as well. With Dr. Bingham as our professor, we couldn’t help but dream bigger and do more. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Dr. Bingham.

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Ruth Fassinger, PhD

I am proud and honored to give Rosie Bingham my unwavering support to become the next President of APA. There have been few times in the history of our nation and our professional association where strong, measured, inspiring leadership is as critical as it is right now, and I can’t think of anyone more poised to provide this kind of leadership than Rosie Bingham. I have worked with Rosie in many capacities for more than 30 years, and although we have not always agreed, I have found her to be unfailingly fair, genuine, persistent, curious, collaborative, broadly informed, open to listening and learning, ready to dive headfirst into a task (even an unpleasant one), willing to tackle difficult issues (and people), and able to hold simultaneously both the simplicity and complexity of the thorny issues that face us as psychologists. Rosie is a visionary, a dreamer, but one of those rare dreamers who actually makes the dream a reality, often in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She possesses an elegant, intelligent, and very compelling gravitas, balanced by a rare spirit of humility and ability to laugh at human absurdity. Rosie is the kind of leader whom people WANT to follow, because she is real and because she catalyzes confidence that the destination will always be better than the starting place.  We need Rosie Bingham as the leader of our profession -- right now and right here.  I urge your vote for Rosie Bingham as the next President of APA.

Arthur (Andy) Horne, PhD

Rosie has been a stalwart leader of psychology, a person who has served as mentor, advisor, colleague, and friend to psychologists around the world.  When I was president of the Society of Counseling Psychology, Rosie was available with wise guidance and ongoing support and encouragement and demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the interconnection elements of all of psychology, from the local to the global.  Rosie will bring wisdom and experience to a complex leadership role. 

Roberta L. Nutt, PhD, ABPP

I am delighted to endorse Rosie Phillips Bingham’s candidacy for APA President.  I have known Rosie for more than 30 years.  She is passionate about psychology, concerned about the welfare of others, and skilled at dealing with difficult and sometimes conflictual issues.  She values the opinions of others and stresses the inclusivity of all viewpoints in all decisions and planning.  She has a vast amount of leadership experience including as a university vice president, division president, APA Council representative, member of the APA Board of Directors, to name just a few.  I cannot think of anyone I would be happier to see as APA President!

Derald Wing Sue, PhD

I whole-heartedly endorse the candidacy of Rosie Bingham for President of the American Psychological Association.  I can think of no other psychologist more competent and capable to take on the leadership of APA in these challenging times.  Rosie is without peer in her ability to effectively lead.  She has always been in the forefront of visionary changes in the field, able to get different groups to collaborate with one another, been gifted in building consensus even among competing groups, and has ably moved the profession to confront important issues of the future.  Equally important are Rosie’s balance of personal qualities and professional acumen that are vital to her success.  She is conscientious, loves challenge, is able to deal appropriately with conflict, and is unafraid to make the difficult decisions often required of people in leadership positions.  Yet, she is concerned with the well-being of people and exhibits a refreshing, open and non-defensive attitude.  This is a high-energy person who perseveres in the face of challenges, handles all her responsibilities in a conscientious manner, and exhibits high motivation.  I am proud to call her both a colleague and friend. 

John S. Westefeld, PhD, ABPP

I have known Rosie Bingham for over 30 years, and it is an honor and a pleasure to endorse her for President of the American Psychological Association.


There are many reasons that Rosie will be an outstanding President.  To cite just a few…


  1.       Her strong commitment to and involvement in multiculturalism and social justice.  There are numerous examples of this--but one that has stuck with me for many, many years is the fact that she was a founder of the National Multicultural Conference and Summit.  This Summit has had a massive impact on the profession, and far beyond the profession.

  2.      Rosie’s list of accomplishments is long and multifaceted, and can be reviewed on her website. To highlight just a very few….She was on the Board of Directors of APA, served as President of Division 17, and has won numerous awards, including the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to Institutional Practice. Rosie has touched many aspects of her university, community, and profession.

  3.      Rosie has been a mentor for so many people.  I cannot tell you how many people I have known who have talked about the difference Rosie Bingham has made in their lives, and how much they have learned from her.

  4.      Rosie Bingham is the operational definition of an outstanding role model.

  5.      Rosie has the ability to bring together the many groups and individuals within APP and help unite the organization, and get things done.  Rosie Bingham gets things done as effectively as anyone whom I have ever known.


Rosie will be an outstanding President of APA because she knows how to make a difference in the world; how to show compassion; how to lead; how to support; how to challenge; and how to empower others.  As I said at the outset--it is an honor and a pleasure to endorse her candidacy.

Norma J. Charles, PsyD

I first met Dr. Bingham as a psychology intern at the University of Memphis in 1995. One word that sums up Rosie’s personality, humility, winning smile, diplomacy, leadership, genuineness, advocacy, gracefulness and infectious personality is MAGNETIC.  Rosie has been so much to so many people that have been fortunate to meet her or share her life's journey.  Rosie inspires and champions causes for people due to her great love for humanity.  She has won the hearts, love and respect of so many—both those she has challenged and those who have been adversaries.  Rosie strives to make life better for others as an administrator, teacher, colleague, confidante and friend no matter their race, creed, color, religion, sexuality, or political affiliation. Rosie truly understands people and embraces and accepts people for who they are which I attribute to her humble beginnings as a child who grew up in Memphis, TN.  I have witnessed all of these qualities as her student, mentee, colleague, sorority sister, and friend, and they validate my support for Rosie as a magnetic candidate for APA President. The magnetism Rosie exudes can only take APA to greater heights and continue to motivate its members to champion APA's goals and aspirations.  I am so very proud and honored to support Dr. Rosie Phillips Bingham to serve as our next APA President.

Amy L. Reynolds, PhD

I am proud to endorse Rosie Bingham for APA President. She has given so much to APA and provided leadership at every level possible. She is committed to social justice, equity, and inclusion and making the world and APA a better place. It has truly been inspiring to watch her lead, whether it is mentoring early career professionals or engaging in a honest dialogue with other professionals. Her openness, compassion, insight, experience, and ability to be a truly transformative leader is why we need her as the next President of APA.

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